Can I order recliners with a manual mechanism?

Yes. However, we encourage everyone to invest in a motorized mechanism. Not only do they make reclining effortless but they also provide an unlimited number of positions (as opposed to just three with our manual mechanisms).

How much clearance do I require behind my seat?

All our models use wall-a-way mechanisms that require 6” clearance behind.


How do I build a custom configuration?

We pre-configure the most popular combinations to save time, but most of our models feature a large number of “building blocks” that allow an almost infinite number of combinations. Tell us your vision – chances are we can build it.

What height should I make my riser?

There’s no definitive answer (as it depends on a number of factors) but generally we see risers 8 to 12” tall.


What’s the difference between Leather grades?

All our leathers are 100% top-grain sourced from the top 1-2% of commercially available hides (i.e., they’re very similar). Leather 1 tends to be “corrected” or “semi-corrected” providing better uniformity and wear. Leather 2 is generally softer and more natural (less corrected).  We always recommend you choose the style and color you prefer.

Can I provide my own cover material?

Absolutely. If you want to provide your own fabric or leather we can provide specifications.


How long does it take to build my order?

Factory lead times fluctuate based on demand and time of year, but we quote 8-12 weeks for upholstered seating and 4 weeks for stools and tables.

Where do the products ship from?

We proudly manufacture our products in Quebec, Canada (some exceptions apply).


Does the product require assembly?

Our upholstered seating ships ready to use; stools and tables ship flat-pack with some assembly required.

Where can I buy?

We sell our products exclusively through a network of audio/video retailers and integrators across North America. Please contact our office to locate the one nearest you.